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Somatic Movement Therapy, The Body-Mind link to a healthy immune system.

Somatic Movement Therapy is an umbrella for many distinct disciplines.  Somatics became the umbrella term for techniques and approaches that focus on the individual developing and deepening a sense of the self within the body.  The foundation for this field was developed by the early practitioners like F. Mathias Alexander, Moshe Feldenkrais, Ida Rolf, Rudolph von Laban, and Joseph Pilates to name a few.

The essential first person viewpoint, the "experience within" requires consideration in equal part with the scientific and medical viewpoint.  Somatics embraces theory and practice, the work is a process. The facilitation and support given in this process promotes the body/mind unity and shifts our attention from the objective to the subjective.

Today people are highly verbal, and computer savvy managing their lives with beepers and cell phones. There is a great emphasis on reasoning and thinking, the heart and soul are being left out. In a world where regular exercise in a gym three times a week is expected to give some benefit to general levels of fitness, Somatic Movement therapy sessions provide an alternative environment that involves hands on energetic touch and utilization of simple exercises. The client begins to deepen his/her awareness of moving in parts of the body, increasing ease and range of motion and at the same time experience a sense of relaxation.

There are many avenues Somatic Therapists take to help the individual client in their own personal journeys.  One main reference point is the body's innate wisdom, deepening this understanding enhances a sense of well-being throughout.

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Mary Francis Hoffman PHD, REACE, RSME

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