Awakening to your Senses
By Mary Francis Hoffman PHD, REACE, RSME

Article written for the Healthy Planet
January 2005 issue
Take a moment and jot down on a piece of paper a list of your senses. Do you know how many you have? I suspect your list looks something like this: Taste, Hear, Smell, Sight, and Touch.

4 out of 5 of these senses are in your head and the 5th is touch and this is experienced through your largest organ, your skin. Your skin is sometimes referred to as your third Kidney, much of your detoxification comes out through the pores in your skin.

There is another sense I suspect many of you did not think of. This is your kinesthetic sense. Movement Awareness is how you move in space and time.

Somatic Therapies contributes to the understanding of the psycho-physical aspects of movement. The who, what, where, and how’s of your body movements.

The work I do with my clients helps to facilitate and cultivate this awareness, both internally and externally, paying attention to your senses, noticing which one is your favorite and noting that this sense is what comforts you and assists you in times of stress can be very helpful.

This observing of the self reveals the interrelationship of body-mind-spirit and nature. Which then, can become an exploration into how we function in the world in which we live, play and work.

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Mary Francis Hoffman PHD, REACE, RSME

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