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Breathing and Water
Two basic ways to increase your vitality for Body, Mind and Spirit

by Mary Francis Hoffman PHD, REACE, RSME

First, the BREATH is our connection to life. We can go without food for 30 days, without water for three days, but in 3 minutes without the breath, we die. There are many benefits to breathing. Deep Breathing can give us clarity and calmness, reduce stress and anxiety. Breathing can also eliminate toxins trapped in the lungs' cilia (little hairs that move mucus and waste from pollution around us). Breathing can increase your bloods circulation and an important key in modulating and regularizing the body's rhythms related to sleep, digestion, and other core functions. The expansion and contraction of muscles with full deep breathing assists the lymph in its cleansing process.

Second, WATER needs to be your best friend. Water gives vital fluid to the systems and organs that process nutrients, and then it helps take away all the unwanted refuse, such as bacteria and toxins.

Your cleansing process relies heavily on the lymphatic system, which processes various collection sites for waste. Lymph is a clear, colorless fluid, which flows through your body much like the blood circulation system, but at a slower rate and in a one-way direction through capillaries and lymph nodes.


When the lymph system is sluggish, your body retains all those waste products and extra fluid, leaving you tired, stressed and susceptible to disease.

Candice Pert in her book, "Molecules in Emotion", speaks about when we hold our breath we suppress the necessary flow of emotions and feelings. Your emotions then can get locked into your cellular tissues. A natural way to release this cellular debris is to simply spend time daily, BREATHING!!!!!!!

Keeping the Lymph flowing is a key for good health.  Water intake assists the Lymph in the cleansing process and so does breathing.

So Drink up and take in a deep BREATH,  Here's to your HEALTH!!!!!!!!!!

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Mary Francis Hoffman PhD, RSME

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