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De-Clutter for optimal Health and Happiness
by Mary Francis Hoffman PHD, REACE, RSME

One of the many benefits of yoga is its holistic approach to well being. As you become familiar with how you move and breath in your body your mind calms down.

Stressors in your life become a bit clearer. One big stress for many of us is clutter!!! Taking an inventory of our surroundings and banishing "clutter zones" can be a huge stress reliever. The adage is correct: A cluttered home produces a cluttered mind. Fortunately, harnessing control of the external environment quiets internal chaos.

Clutter is a major cause of emotional stress. Stress enhances the production of adrenaline and the hormone cortisol, both of which are part of our bodies "fight or flight" mechanism.

Lack of organization creates unnecessary anxiety. We can spend time searching for things and this prompts feelings of frustration, agitation and helplessness. Believe it or not constant bombardment with these emotions often triggers stress-related illness.

So here are a few tips to Clutter-bust your life.

• When a new magazine arrives recycle the old one.
• Open all mail when it comes and recycle or file it that day.
• Sell unwanted items at a garage sale or on Ebay.
• Follow the two-year rule for clothes, If you haven't wore it, its time to give it away!!!
• Electronic clutter can be an issue also so Delete or file emails, texts and voicemails when they arrive.
• Have a separate folder for bills and important papers.
• Consider purchasing file cabinets and other storage units.

Julie Morgenstern has an interesting book. Organizing from the Inside out.

She proposes a three-prong strategy. Analyze, Strategize and Attack. Sounds good on paper and actually is an easy way to get started with clearing clutter.

So of course another avenue to help with the elimination of stress would be to encourage you to attend a Yoga class. I teach at the Fitness Annex Saturdays 10-11 level 2 and Monday evenings beginner class 6:30-7:30. Classes are 8 dollars.

I also do private sessions by referral only.
Call me if your interested Mary Francis Hoffman PHD, REACE, RSME 314-443-0206


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