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Don't Hurry, Be Happy!!!

by Mary Francis Hoffman

One of many resolutions I am trying to create in my life is giving up the hurry syndrome.

Life is filled with countless lost moments. Sometimes the ordinary can seem to deprive us of purpose and consequently of identity. Slowing down can be boring when we are so used to moving from one activity to another.

Are you addicted to intensity?? If you examine your life, you’ll probably find that you are far more attentive to the dramatic and intense experiences that present themselves than to the moments when nothing seems to be happening, according to Christina Feldman a writer for the Yoga Journal. Success, excitement, love and happiness are feelings you no doubt welcome and heroically pursue. Pain and sorrow generally inspires a heroism all their own as we often times strive to avoid or resist anything that might cause such discomfort.

To experience non-doing-to simply observe life instead of clinging to its most outrageous ups and downs- appears at first deeply uncomfortable at best.

Your life as well as mine has plenty of ordinary moments, sitting while waiting for the school bus, shopping preparing dinner, answering the telephone, and just walking from one destination to another. We have a tendency to disconnect from ourselves during these moments. Dismissing the ordinary as boring lacking in richness, intensity, and completeness.

Most of us are accustomed to externalizing happiness and vitality, often times detecting an inner unease or just plain unhappy in the midst of any moment that is neither dramatic nor intense.

The truth is DELIGHT is within reach, come to a Yoga class and begin to discover the joy of the moment.

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Mary Francis Hoffman PhD, RSME

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