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Stressed or Present?
Which of these choices appear regularly in your body-mind life?

by Mary Francis Hoffman PHD, REACE, RSME

What does it mean to be stressed??? Generally speaking when I am really stressed I am not usually present.    After I have been working with a client for a couple months I use a stress survey to help assess how she/he is doing and what areas still need exploring. This takes a look at physical, mental, emotional and social stress.   

What is your stress quotient???? Put a check by the symptom that you have experienced in the last week.

PHYSICAL STRESS- _Headaches, _ Fatigue, _ Weight Change, _ Pounding Heart, _Tension in muscles of neck and shoulders, _ upset stomach.

MENTAL STRESS--_Forgetfulness, _ Dulling of the senses, _ Mental Exhaustion, _ Negative attitude, _ Boredom, _ Decline in problem solving skills.

EMOTIONAL STRESS--_Anxiety, _Mood Swings, _ Irritability, _ Self-Criticism, _ Crying spells, _Easily discouraged.

SOCIAL STRESS-- _Isolation, _Resentment of others, _ Being Impatient, _ Using people, _Clamming up, _ Lashing out at friends and family.

Continuous stress your life can and will create an inability to being really present to yourself and those you interact with daily.

Now take a moment and lets look at the word Present.  This word can mean many different things. I am present, I present my self.  Here is a present. I'm making a presentation about the program. I feel his Presence. Within the word presence is the notion of essence; also the sound of sense. It is as if to be truly present, one needs to be in touch with one's essence, that which reflects a life giving spirit mixed with ones sense common or otherwise.

Questions for you to ponder:

Are you present?

Are you awake and aware of what is going on within and around you? Are you able to be truly present giving full attention to relationships and work?

Do you feel the presence of a Higher Power? People talk about "out-of-the-body" experiences; I wonder how many of us truly experience-presence-in the now!

Many of you have heard the saying Today is a Gift that is why we call it the present!!!

Stress can cause the body's immune system to begin to break down.

Simply put, never let yourself get to hungry, angry, lonely or tired. These areas can greatly affect the delicate balance within our immune system.

Somatic therapy provides a variety of ways to de-stress the body, mind and spirit.

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Mary Francis Hoffman PHD, REACE, RSME


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