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I feel gently guided on a personal journey; away from my routine and worries. A journey to access a quiet place within the self that allows me to be aware of my whole person; so I'm able to sense my needs. I think the benefits are in direct relation with your motivation, your goals and how much of yourself you invest in it. If you do the work you see the benefits. The benefits I've observed in me are: I have a special awareness of my body moving; more coordinated movements.

I feel reassured by Mary Francis's soothing voice. My experience develops at my own pace, and I hear that all is well. I experience myself, as I am ready to take care of the things that need my attention.

My posture is finally good after a life of bad posture. I have more energy that has supported me throughout my illness recovery from adrenal burn, salt and mercury toxicity. Over all support in my journey towards a healing as a whole person. Very positive benefits at different levels; I get to relax deeply. I've learned to breath correctly and then learned to do it on my own and created as a good habit.
Female, 46 Adrenal Exhaustion

Dear Mary Francis,

In all 54 years of my life, I have never tried yoga. I decided to give it a shot. Mary Francis has been so helpful to me during her classes and also our private sessions together. She explains everything clearly. She shows me exactly how the exercises are to be done. She makes sure I don't overdo anything that might mess up my back or my knees, which are sensitive.

I have made amazing progress in the few months she's been working with me, doing things I never could have done on my own. And she makes the whole experience really calm and enjoyable. I love coming to her class! (She's training me to lift weights, too. Amazing!)

Mary McDonald, New Town Resident

Dear Mary Francis,

Many years of leading a high stress life left me near adrenal exhaustion. Unknowingly I had become so used to constant stress and tension that it felt normal. I was tense 24/7 and didn’t even know it. I had forgotten how to relax and my body and mind were breaking down. Thankfully, Dr. Yu suggested that I come to you to experience “Healing Touch”. It was one of the best recommendations I’ve ever received.

After the first session I may have felt a little more relaxed, but after a half dozen sessions or so I could definitely tell the difference. The breathing, sound, touch and yoga exercises you showed me how to do on my own enabled me to help myself and accelerate my progress. The more I did these exercises at home, the better I felt.  Finally, our thoughtful discussions about what was going on in my life and how I was feeling, and your excellent suggestions on reading material caused me to clarify what I really wanted out of  life and to begin the process of making it happen.

Today, I feel much better than when I began “Healing Touch” and am optimistic about my ability to continue to improve in the future. You did much more than help ease my pain. You helped me help myself feel better and enjoy life much more.

Thank you... John M.

I experience Mary Francis as a teacher with a kind and patient approach; this encourages people to come toward her and learn from her. I have seen her make use of her innate intuitive abilities in working with people; and this seems to open a way for inner healing to take place. I compare my sense of Mary Francis's work to be like the way a ray of sunlight on trees brings a smile to me.
Female, 43 Anxiety-Stress

An 83 year-old woman was experiencing ankle swelling, hip discomfort and a slight limp. After three individualized treatments comprising gently touch on her lymphatic system, shoulder repatterning, hip flexion exercises, work on a rebounder, and standing movement evercises, the swelling was gone, the limp was gone and continuation of the exercises removed the hip discomfort.
.....Female, 83

An inward journey of awareness, re-acquaintance and friendship with my self. My benefits have been some comfort and grounding; immune system enhancement. Would like to learn more about the inner barriers to change or status quo.
.......Female, 35 Anxiety

The experiences with Mary Francis touch my soul. Spirit, mind and body are connected through the experience. Peaceful and relaxing are the two descriptors that come to mind. I get in tune to my body and the needs for my healthy continuance. Do you have angels holding your place? Ask me and I'll explain sometime!
.....Female, 50 Breast Cancer Survivor

My experience with Mary Francis is best explained as: Awesome, peaceful, stress relieving, friendly, relaxing.
She has helped to align my spirit, reduce my stress, grounds me, makes me feel better about my self. I now have a better understanding of my aura.
.....Business Executive Female, 50 Adrenal Exhaustion.

I have always found my time spent with Mary Francis has been Invigorating. Now I feel as if I am more connected with myself.
.....Business Executive Male, 56 Anxiety-Stress, High Blood Pressure

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